Urban Agriculture 

 and Civic Engagement 

I'm a principal investigator for a research and outreach project in New York City titled "Urban Agriculture Education and Civic Engagement." Along with several project collaborators listed below, we explore how urban agriculture in NYC public schools, urban farms, botanical gardens, and other organizations help youths become more civically engaged and more positive members of society.

To learn more, visit our research website.

Project collaborators:

  • Marianne Krasny, Department of Natural Resources, Cornell University

  • Alexa Maille, New York State 4-H Youth Development

  • Jackie Davis-Manigaulte, Cornell Cooperative Extension–NYC

  • Jeff Perry, Department of Development Sociology, Cornell University

  • Mary Leou, Wallerstein Collaborative for Urban Environmental Education, NYU

  • Samuel Anderson, Harvest NY, Cornell Cooperative Extension

  • Thaddeus Copeland, Office of Sustainability, NYC Department of Education

This project is supported by the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture.



10.000 years ago, agriculture created food surpluses that enabled the creation of cities.

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Later, cities and urban communities started to face enormous ecological, social, and sustainability challenges.


Today, agriculture is expanding in cities to provide healthy local food, reduce urban ecological footprint, provide jobs training, respond to the climate change crisis, and more.

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We plan to explore the impact of urban agriculture in New York City on youth, whose generation will build more sustainable urban communities.

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Besides the economic impact through food production and distribution, urban agriculture can bring important social benefits for urban residents and communities. Through this project, we will explore how urban agriculture education in NYC influences civic engagement among youths.

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In this research project, we explore the impacts of urban agriculture education programs in New York City. We interview urban agriculture educators in NYC schools, botanical gardens, urban farms, and other urban agriculture locations.