Online Courses for Environmental Professionals

Training professionals in 60+ countries

Since 2015, I have co-developed and taught a number of online courses for professional development of environmental educators, teachers, and environmental organization leaders. These courses, taken by thousands of participants from 60+ countries, include:

  • Urban Environmental Education

  • Introduction to Environmental Education

  • Nature Education

  • E-STEM Education (Environment and STEM)


Tips for conducting online courses

How to make online online instruction more effective for participants? Here are some tips based on my experience:

  • Encourage participants from different countries to share their own environmental stewardship or teaching ideas

  • Use social media groups to foster informal exchange and social learning

  • Facilitate social learning by providing frequent feedback on discussion boards and asking participants to provide feedback for each other

  • Give participants a choice to select learning materials that truly interest them

  • Use a variety of learning materials: recorded lectures, readings, social media discussions, discussion board written assignments, responding to each others' assignments, and live or recorded webinars

  • Help participants apply new knowledge to improve their practice