I really love what I do. A huge part my inspiration comes from awesome people who I have met during my career. I am truly fortunate and grateful to work with some of the most innovative, dedicated, hard-working, productive, and forward-looking folks in my field. My community includes experts and learners at Cornell University, in my professional association (NAAEE), across the United States, and around the world. And I look forward to develop new collaborations to advance environmental education and sustainability research, teaching, and outreach. Below are some of my communities.


By integrating research and outreach, Civic Ecology Lab (CEL) is trying to understand and support community-based stewardship. CEL is also an important provider of professional development online courses for environmental educators around the world.

Cornell University's Civic Ecology Lab


NAAEE serves as a leading professional association for the field of environmental education in North America and globally. I participate in the NAAEE conferences, and collaborate with its members since 2005.

North American Association for Environmental Education

The Global Environmental Education Partnership (GEEP) brings together environmental education policy makers, researchers, and practitioners. I am fortunate to serve on the Advisory Group. I contribute to global EE policy meetings, and GEEP's case studies for higher education. 

Global Environmental Education Partnership 

An important part of my intellectual community are environmental education and sustainability researchers. I participate in this research discourse through conference, and by reviewing manuscripts, e.g., for the Journal of Environmental Education, and Environmental Education Research.

Academic journals

I am fortunate to collaborate with and learn from global experts who are part of The Nature of Cities network. This group inspires researchers, policy-makers, and other urban leaders to contribute to just, sustainable, livable, and healthy cities. This network informs my Green Cities course.

The Nature of Cities

I am a huge fun of the cooperative extension system. I collaborated with Cornell Cooperative Extension—New York City during a few years during my research with communities in NYC. I continue to exchange ideas with CCE staff in NYC and in Ithaca.

Cornell Cooperative Extension

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