About me

Welcome! I'm Alex Kudryavtsev (pen name: Alex Russ). I am a nature lover and an interdisciplinary environmental social researcher specializing in environmental education. I find joy in learning about our beautiful planet, science, and cultures. And I find deep meaning in helping the environment by conducting relevant academic research and supporting education educators. Learn more about my Research and Teaching


I am a Research Associate in the Department of Natural Resources at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. I conduct research on environmental education, and develop and teach online courses for environmental educators around the world. I also teach Cornell's summer course on Green Cities for undergraduate and visiting international students.




Urban Environmental Education Review

Edited by Alex Russ and Marianne Krasny

Cornell University Press, 2017

This book contains 30 chapters about various topics in urban environmental education. Authors are from 19 countries.


Educator of the Year Award

Higher Education Educator of the Year Award (2018), given by the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE) to educators for promoting environmental education (EE) and using the environment as a context for learning in their teaching

Civic Ecology Lab

CEL Logo.jpg

My Colleagues

I'm fortunate and grateful to work with the Cornell University's Civic Ecology Lab. My colleagues – including the Lab's Director Marianne Krasny and other hard-working Lab members – challenge and inspire me every day. The Lab's work centers on the role of civic ecology practices in communities facing social and environmental stresses, including those related to climate change. Learn more:

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