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Alex Kudryavtsev (Alex Russ)
Research Associate
Cornell University

I am an environmental education researcher in the Civic Ecology Lab at Cornell University. I explore urban environmental education, and social outcomes of urban agriculture education. I also develop online courses for professional development of environmental educators. CV (PDF file)

I believe that through environmental education we can empower urban residents to influence institutions that shape our environment, such as polycentric environmental governance, deliberative democracy, and resilient social-ecological systems.

Outside research and teaching, I am a traveler (7 continents, 50 states, and 38 countries so far), vegan, reader, and lover of national parks.

Current projects

Social Outcomes of Urban Agriculture

In 2019-2022, we are exploring how urban agriculture in New York City – in community gardens, public schools, and positive youth development programs – encourage youth to become more civically engaged environmental citizens Co-PIs: Kudryavtsev, and Krasny; Sponsored by Federal Capacity Fund.

Online Professional Development of Environmental Educators

We are looking at how social norm messages and study group discussions influence the outcomes of professional development online course for environmental educators. Co-PIs: Krasny, Kizilcec, Li, and Kudryavtsev; Sponsored by Cornell China Center.

Selected articles
  • DuBois, B., Krasny, M., and Russ, A. (2019). Online professional development for environmental educators: Strategies to foster critical thinking and social interactions. Environmental Education Research, 25(10), 1479-1494. doi: 10.1080/13504622.2018.1564247 PDF

  • Russ, A., Peters, S.J., Krasny, M.E., and Stedman, R.C. (2015). Development of ecological place meaning in New York City. Journal of Environmental Education, 46(2), 73–93. doi: 10.1080/00958964.2014.999743 PDF

  • Krasny, M.E., Kalbacker, L., Stedman, R.C., and Russ, A. (2015). Measuring social capital among youth: Applications in environmental education. Environmental Education Research, 21(1): 1-23. 10.1080/13504622.2013.843647 PDF

  • Kudryavtsev, A., Krasny, M., and Stedman, R. (2012). The impact of environmental education on sense of place among urban youth. Ecosphere, 3(4):29. doi: 10.1890/ES11-00318.1 PDF, Survey

  • Kudryavtsev, A., Stedman, R., and Krasny, M. (2011). Sense of place in environmental education. Environmental Education Research, 18(2), 229–250. doi: 10.1080/13504622.2011.609615 PDF

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On-campus course

  • Green Cities (NTRES2470) — Webpage

Online courses

  • Nature Education — Syllabus

  • Introduction to Environmental Education — Webpage

  • Urban Environmental Education — Webpage

Sample video lectures

Nature Education: Definition and Background

This video is part of the Civic Ecology Lab's "Nature Education" online course. Watch more "nature education" course videos in this YouTube playlist. Also, you can watch webinars from this course offered in 2019 in this YouTube playlist.

Environmental Education Outcomes: Sense of Place

This video is part of the Civic Ecology Lab's "Environmental Education Outcomes" online course.